Alessandra Dorante

LOTUS Studio Founder. Trainer. Yoga & Meditation teacher

The search for meaning of life has led to the most extraordinary masters. Today, enjoying more of beauty and simplicity, I try not to define myself too much and letting flow a natural spontaneity of just being. The deeper and clearer understanding that was gradually revealed me, allows me to be able to share what I constantly learn in the experiences of this great journey that is life.

Yoga has come into my life to stay many years ago and since then it is a constant inner growth and discovery. I have the joy of coordinating the work of Lotus Studio, the privilege of working with a great team, and the gift of being able to contribute to the path of teachers and students in the events, courses, training and therapies we regularly offer to our members.

If you would like to talk and receive guidance about yoga or on your personal journey, I’ll be happy to help.


Hatha Yoga

One of the most ancient, complete and accessible Yoga styles


Meditation is the class of doing nothing or at least try…