Ariane Donato

Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow teacher

I was a professional ballet dancer when Yoga came into my life in 2002 to reduce pain and injury generated by constant rehearsals. After the first classes, the feeling of well-being and relaxation was immediate and gradually I realized that Yoga was much more than the practice of physical postures. Curious, I started to study a little more and everything started to make sense. The feeling of well-being and fullness began to be part of my daily life. Through these internal practices I had the understanding that everything I need is inside me, all I need it to reach it there.

Today, things got swapped: I have dance as a hobby and Yoga as a profession and lifestyle! And I have the privilege of sharing this knowledge. How about being present every moment, aware of the choices you make, taking responsibility for being happy?

The practice of Yoga is like the rehearsal of Life, overcoming the difficulties in each moment, understanding that everything is fleeting and living each day as unique as it is!