Camila Pastura

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher

As a good taurine, I’ve always felt confortable working with numbers. And so, I have chosen an Economics course as a profession. It was 9 years in the financial market, until at some point the routine brought me the desire to try Yoga in search of a haven of peace and connection with myself. An intuitive and assertive curiosity!

Little by little, the practice gave way to breathing, which provided space for meditation and the desire to study and know more. I signed up for the first teacher training and when I realized I was already fully involved. And of course I could no longer find the same truths in my old job.

The universe conspired for the first classes to come, which I gratefully embraced as a great gift. Since then I have dedicated myself to study and daily practice. And I surrender myself to this divine source of energy that directs me to meet and realize my real nature.