Vanessa Figueiredo

Vinyasa Flow, Slow Yoga and Asana Clinic teacher

Since very early, movement has always been a part of my routine. First through the classical ballet, which accompanied me during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Then came Yoga. I started my practice by the Iyengar method, through which I developed a technical and rigorous knowledge of postures. Later I discovered Vinyasa Flow that allowed me to explore the fluidity of movement.

In a professional life of architecture and design, Yoga has become the antidote to the stress and bustle of everyday life. As I reaped the fruits of this practice, I began to question my mission and to look for alternative ways.
I currently dedicate myself to Yoga classes, continuing to deepen my knowledge and practice through intensive training and workshops with various Iyengar teachers.

Yoga has changed the way I look at the world and the obstacles that life brings us. It is this experience that I seek to convey and it is in these moments of sharing, being able to contribute to the transformation and well-being of those around me, that I am grateful to have taken this path!