Asana & Asana Clinic

A practice dedicated to working on the details of the postures, will both allow you to get to know the asanas better, improving your performance and getting more comfortable with them.

A class that is totally dedicated to exploring the yoga postures and the self-overcoming capacity that in yoga is called tapas. Each practice works only around a few postures with a thematic focus on muscle strength, elevation, pelvic opening, balance, etc. incorporating body and breath awareness – fundamental aspects of an asana.

It’s suitable for practitioners of all levels who want to challenge themselves to overcome their limits, learn new postures and increase the time spent in them.

After this class, you should be full of vigor and determination to face the challenges of everyday life.

Yoga Session: 1 hour

Student Level: All Levels


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7:30 pm

by Vanessa Figueiredo


11 am

by Vanessa Figueiredo


7:30 pm

by Vanessa Figueiredo

How to book a class

The first class is a gift from our studio to you* so you can feel if you like it before committing to a membership.

*valid only to residents in the Oporto district.

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