Teacher Training Program

LOTUS Yoga Teacher Training Program is an extensive course designed to guide Yoga practitioners through the journey of becoming Yoga instructors, finding their own source of connection with the Yoga tradition.

This first year, LYTTP 1, introduces the fundamentals of Yoga principles and is focused on building the knowledge base – theoretical and practical – needed for a Yoga instructor to start working professionally.


Being enrolled in the course you will have:

  • One-on-one guidance from the teachers of how to get started with your yoga career. Our teachers have decades of experience in Yoga teaching and business and will be guiding you on your own path of becoming a great yoga teacher.
  • An Internship Program specifically designed for you with a hands-on approach. We will be part of the vibrant and true Yoga atmosphere of Lotus Studio, will teach classes to our regular members and learn the inside tips of how to run a successful yoga studio.
  • All the knowledge and subjects covered in the course in 10 carefully elaborated and well-documented manuals.
  • Permanent access to a full library of digital media: books, references, audio and video.
  • Access to a private and exclusive group of yoga teachers and practitioners with regular meetings for mutual support, exchange of experiences and guidance from our expert teachers.
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October 2nd, 2022

Total training

200 hours


LOTUS Studio


Payments in installments by request.

Course Structure

The course has 5 basic modules covered in 150h of training and distributed in 15 meetings of 10h each:

Yoga Anatomy
Yoga Philosophy
Yoga Practice
Yoga Teaching Methodology
Yoga Spirituality

Additional 50h will be dedicated to an internship at Lotus Studio.


Empower the aspirant with knowledge, technique, connection and self-confidence. At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of Yoga as a philosophy, a practice and a path to expansion of consciousness.
  • Have a basic knowledge and understanding of the main Ancient Scriptures of Yoga.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the most common styles of Yoga.
  • Observe and make corrections in the students in the various techniques of Yoga.
  • Understand the basic terms of Sanskrit to the point where you can apply them in a class and recognize them in the ancient texts.
  • Prepare a series of classes with different topics and objectives.
  • Conduct a beginner Yoga class by applying different techniques with confidence.


  • 200 hours of theoretical and practical training, including professional internship.
  • 12 monthly meetings with 10h each.
  • 10 months of course: dates to be defined — check this season’s program.
  • Certificate of conclusion and authorization to teach.
  • Taught by certified teachers, instructors and assistants.


  • An interview with the teachers is required in order to be admitted to the course.
  • Withdrawals are not refundable.

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