Yoga and Meditation Classes in Oporto, Portugal.

Our classes take place daily, from morning to evening in various styles, one of which will be right for you.

Lotus Studio Classes

Whatever experience level, we have a class that suits your needs

Benefits of a regular Yoga and Meditation practice

At the physical level

Improve flexibility, strength, and balance

Improve heart health

Improve breathing and oxygenation

Better spine posture

Improve the quality of sleep

At the mental level

Decrease stress and stress-related diseases

Enhance all mental capabilities: clarity, attention, concentration, and productivity

Increase relaxation

Help relieve

Alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms

Alleviate any conditions in chronic and physio-somatic diseases such as ADD, fibromyalgia and back/neck pain, hypertension, heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes and insomnia, just to name a few

Upcoming Classes

How to book a class

The first class is a gift from our studio to you* so you can feel if you like it before committing to a membership.

*valid only to residents in the Oporto district.

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Choose a date and time

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Choose a yoga style

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