Meditation Classes

A moment to stop everything and enjoy just being alive.

Meditation is the class of doing nothing, or at least try… We are so used to always doing something, either acting or even thinking that stopping-and-doing-nothing sounds absurd.

And even if it sounds somewhat difficult or impossible to you after a couple of sessions you will be able to recognize the value of this time of simple awareness and contact with your own inner presence.

Sessions are conducted so that the student can gradually identify the interferences of physical, emotional and mental processes and simply choose to set them aside, learning that a mind is a useful tool at times but not all the time. This is the first step in choosing when to think and when not to think.

The effects of meditation are nowadays widely known by the numerous academic studies already conducted. However, understand it more simply. We take special care with the beauty and hygiene of our physical bodies. What about the other bodies, the emotional and the mental? These are rarely taken care of. Meditation acts at an initial level as the hygiene of these subtler but no less important bodies, clearing the mind and purifying the emotions. The result is a renewed state of harmony on multiple levels.

After dedicated practice, meditation becomes something deeper: the source of connection with the divine presence that dwells in every human being.

In general, meditation classes lead to a state of greater inner harmony, tranquility, clarity, and discernment. By leading you to the true source of life meditation brings true happiness.

Yoga Session: 1 hour

Student Level: All Levels


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