Terms of use & Privacy

The classes and activities developed at LOTUS Studio aim at the integral well-being of the individual: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Guidelines are given with regard to the individual’s ability to assimilate the teachings. Classes are conducted by qualified professionals with extensive experience in the techniques they teach.

General Conditions

LOTUS Studio classes can be held concurrently with any other type of treatment, medication, physical activity, therapy and have no contraindications. Classes, therapies, courses, and activities do not * under any circumstances * replace medical treatment or the use of allopathic medicines. The techniques applied are adapted to the conditions of each individual. However, it is up to each one to discern their limits and take care not to push themselves too hard. Monthly dues entitle you to a balance of hours to be used according to the individual appointment, always throughout the current month. Each month the balance of hours is renewed on a non-cumulative basis. The unused balance of hours cannot be redeemed and is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

We respect the individual’s will. We do not work with loyalty contracts. Our intention is for everyone to be free and responsible for their choices and to consciously choose to do a constant work of continuous evolution and improvement. Therefore, regular classes must be canceled 30 days in writing. We do not refund the amounts for the monthly dues due. For activities such as courses and events, the registration fee can be returned. However, each has its cancellation limit so that the return can be made. Please be aware of this date when you register. If you have additional questions, please contact Studio management directly.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The personal data you provide is kept private and is used solely for communication between LOTUS Studio and the interested party. Information provided during class is kept strictly professional and confidential in accordance with the principles of professional ethics.

Minor Age Care

Lessons and activities with minors are conducted only with the formal written consent of parents or guardians.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please let us know right after the first class and the amount transferred will be refunded in full.

Membership Policy

By making your membership or purchase, you agree to the LOTUS Studio Terms and Conditions expressed herein.


Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be properly reported to all current members.