A vibrant Yoga atmosphere in Oporto.

A Yoga studio in Oporto since 2001.

Our Story

When this school opened its doors to the public back in 2001 we could have never imagined the role it would have today in the lives of so many people that come to practice with us every day.

Throughout all of those years, we’ve had many challenges and many changes have been made. However, we’ve always kept ourselves true to our hearts.

Yoga has always been a constant path to walk on and a noble ideal to pursuit allowing us to grow more and share more and more.

Lotus welcomes everyone wishing to walk on the path of Yoga making this journey your own unique way of self-exploration. Our goal is to share the gift of Yoga we receive every day with you.

Our Team

Alessandra Dorante

LOTUS Studio Founder. Trainer. Yoga and Meditation teacher

Letícia Ziebell

LOTUS Studio Founder. Trainer. Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher

Ariane Donato

Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow teacher

Joana Leite Castro

Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher

Vanessa Figueiredo

Vinyasa Flow, Slow Yoga & Yin Yang Yoga Teacher

Our Values

Our Home