• The balance of hours can be used as you prefer, always throughout the current month. For example, if you have more availability at the beginning of the month, you may come more often in these first few weeks using your entire balance.

  • No, each month the balance of hours is automatically renewed on a non-cumulative basis.

  • The admission fee is charged only once, as long as there is no interruption in the monthly contribution.

  • Everyone can participate. We work with adults, young people, children and seniors.

    Some activities may be age restricted, in which case you will be informed prior to registration.

  • Yes, and it’s also very simple. Contact us to schedule an appointment. On the agreed day and time you will be contacted via skype. Remember, you must have the skype installed and an active account.

  • Prices are set considering the uninterrupted contribution throughout the year, in order to give our professionals a decent and dedicated life to Yoga.

    The admission fee is charged only once upon joining and as long as the monthly contributions remain uninterrupted.

    The one-to-one classes are for people who are passing through, without a permanent residence in Porto and who wish to enjoy the classes for a limited period of time.

    For more information, contact us. We will be happy to enlighten you.

  • Membership fees are paid via direct debit account.

  • If you need further clarification please contact us. We are here to help.