Joana Leite de Castro

Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher

Hello, I’m Joana, always curious and passionate about discovering new places, people and ways of thinking. Communication and personal development are my lighthouse.

Through Yoga I learned to meditate, stop, be silent, respect myself and, above all, accept myself. With all my imperfections. With all the internal turmoil: doubts, fears and anxieties. With all projections and expectations. Self-criticism and victimization.

I learned to be aware and attentive, looking for detachment and non-judgment. I also learned to perform postures like shirsasana, something I never imagined doing.

I realized that Yoga is for everyone, but that everyone has their own path. And thus, just as there are moments in life that turn us (in this case literally) upside down, there is also a very unique way of dealing with them. A very personal and accessible way, but equally demanding and laborious. That form is Yoga.

And, as a Yoga Teacher, I want to help other people to have such experiences and personal growth as well.


Hatha Yoga

One of the most ancient, complete and accessible Yoga styles


Meditation is the class of doing nothing or at least try…